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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Minimalistic Christmas....back to basics

This year I am shaking things up a bit....

I'm  going to keep the Christmas decor very minimalistic...

Think Red and White.....

This is our tree.....

I put the tree up on a little table with a vintage Christmas tablecloth.

See the stockings?  Yep.....the tree and the stockings.....that is it!

Boy Wonder got the privilege to put the star up on top this year.....No ladders needed!

Not only am I going minimalistic on the Christmas decorations.....the gift department is going to be minimalistic too.

This year with Mr. Smith losing his job in January...working 4 other with a good job again....We aren't financially able to go all out.  Quite frankly after this year, I don't really have any desire to go all out.  Could be that I'm having surgery on December 27th (hence the slim decor-since I'll be in the hospital recovering and won't be able to put them away). 

We are getting back to the real reason we celebrate Christmas (Thank you Jesus!). 

I tried to tell Boy Wonder the other day that he has his Mother's Love that keeps on giving and Jesus' Love that keeps on giving so why would he need anything more than that?  Ok, he is 12 years old and we will see how that flies on Christmas.....He told me he just wants cash....

Redid my Christmas Wreath to go with our Red and White theme this year.....

Nothing fancy just some odds and ends.   Hung it on my "Front Door" that is in the entry way of our house.  Not our real front door...just the one that is hanging out next to it....

Oh yeah,
when you aren't spending alot....
the shopping gets done early....

I am basically done.

I didn't even go out on Black Friday.


Just need to get Boy Wonder his cash (which won't be much either-but he has his Mothers' and Jesus' love).


  1. We are scaling back too. With more it just seems to add more pressure to me. I do it all and then I am so tired that I don't enjoy the relaxing season. So, I basically got rid of over 2/3 of our decor.
    And I told the kids it is a slim holiday this year and they were cool with that.
    love your tree.
    Here's to it being Jesus's birtdhay first again- not santas's day.

  2. Love it Mrs. Smith!!! Ron and I were never blessed with children so we scaled back many years ago. A wreath on the door, a few decorations here and there and we call it good! Maybe when we retire and have more time we'll go all out but for now...spending time in gratitude and in prayer instead of the mall makes my heart soar! Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season! By the way...I frequent a mall about once a year. I prefer to do my shopping on-line.

  3. I say HORRAY On cutting back and getting back to the basics! Jesus is the reason for the Season not decor and gifts!

    I love it Jody its all Perfect! BLESSINGS

  4. Yep, we are scaling way back this year too. I put up my tree and my wreath and I will probably put out a few of my angels, but that's it. I'm having surgery Dec 3rd and it would be a real chore to put everything away. Financially, we just can't do a lot of gift giving this year so most of it will be handmade.

    Usually by now I am feeling so much pressure to get everything done, not this year.

    It is nice to get back to the real reason for Christmas. Jesus is the reason!

  5. I am so with you on the scaling back. Out of necessity, yes, but also because I too want to rejoice in the real reason for the season.

  6. I'm with you too. I have 4 little ones, so I'm going to decorate lots, but they have more than what they need already. I'm trying my best to help them see what Christmas should really be all about. Glad I'm not alone! :-)

  7. HI there! Thanks for featuring in your treasury. Always glad to have a new blog friend. LOve your blog!!! I'm also your newest follower.
    Thanks Again,
    Heather H


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