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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today I will strive to be more organized.....yeah right.....

No studio for sir...I have a kitchen table-that multi-tasks as an eating table, homework table, sewing table and craft table.

My desk is to the left, just a swivel of my chair away.  In the kitchen....Grand Central Station.

In order to contain the "beast" that is my work,  I went and bought an organizer from Lowe's.  Not usually the girl that walks into a home improvement center without Mr. Smith, last night I went alone.
It's not pretty but hopefully I can organize my bottle caps, chains, baggies, tools, etc.  Yeah I know~should have bought another one. 

Oh, do you see the mail that is piled next to my new organizer~well I still have a long ways to go before my house is a well oiled machine.

See pictures can be deceiving....
What I want you to see is a clean table.....
What is to the side is this....

My dresser next to the table and by my desk.....
It just continues to spill over....

My desk....notice the lovely blue cord that is connected to my printer?

Don't think Where Women Create will be calling
 me anytime soon. 

Oh, to be an artist....

Mr. Smith is very understanding....he said that creativity creates chaos (or something like that). 

From my messy desk to yours,
glue, tape, and kisses,
Mrs. Smith


  1. OH that is how we create- I call it controlled chaos. I am right now figuring how I can put my dining room back into where the craft studio is but still hide all my craft supplies in there. I can then work on the table about 350 days a year and clean it off for the few others that we actually all sit down there to eat..
    good luck right?

  2. Good luck! And yeah, I definitely think you should have bought more than one organizer! I wanted to get our own blog series going on Redding Handmade of "Where Women Create"....some of us have a room, a garage, a kitchen table...doesn't matter-I think it would be fun to share and I love seeing others areas. So keep that in mind and take pics as you go-you're one step ahead already!

  3. I have a little studio - and still my tables look like this .. there is never enough space :)


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