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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary for blogging! 

I didn't blog see I was busy spelunking.

4th grade field trip to Lake Shasta Caverns.

Boat ride.....Drama Queen is in the red jacket....

Drama Queen took this picture because she is fascinated with animals.

The kids geared up with helmets, elbow pads and knee pads.

Getting ready to enter the caverns.

While the tour guide was talking I turned around and took these pictures of Lake Shasta and the surrounding area.

Now I am by far not the best photographer, but add into the mix darkness, well it got a little tricky.

Part of the tour the kids got to go off the path and spelunk.
Climbing, digging, crawling....

I'm driving my daughter crazy by saying that we went spelunking.....

Loads of fun and a very interesting field trip. 

I spelunked.

Hmm I wonder how many times I can bring up spelunking today?    Trust me when I say that it's a little sweet revenge for riding on the bus with yep a bus load of 4th graders.

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