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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas 2009 at TheSmithHotel

That's me....Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith there working away on our "Present Wreath". Got the idea from Martha Stewart's Living magazine this month. Of course I had to add my own twist, since we are doing the "Shabby, Parisian White Christmas theme" this year I decided to wrap gift in brown paper bags, newspaper and copies of vintage music. Add in some twine, burlap, and ribbon-our new wreath. I bought the pinecone wreath frame at a thrift store in town for $3 with my vision already in my mind. Mr. Smith so kindly offered to wire the packages to the frame for me(he does a much better job). Mr. Smith came up with the idea to hang the wreath during construction off a coat hanger from our ceiling fan. My supplies consisted of the pinecone wreath, the boxes I covered were from around the house, grocery bags, twine, burlap(scraps from my pile), newspaper, cardstock, tape, extra ribbon and wire. Total cost around $10. We did hang it inside our house because I wasn't sure how the humidity would affect the paper and tape. That's okay since I will enjoy looking at it whenever I walk by.

Oh and as I was looking at the pictures, please over look the boxes and laundry. I promise they are cleaned up now. What can I say it was Sunday night and we were doing laundry and decorating-who has a clean house when you are doing that?


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