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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Christmas Pictures of The Smith Hotel

Took some pictures of Boy Wonder and Drama Queen's bathroom and thought I would share them with you....... Added a few festive touches like the striped rug , candy cane striped candle and snowman hand towels.

The kiddo's little tree that they got to put some of their favorite ornaments on. Or in other words, ornaments with color that didn't coordinate with our Shabby Parisian White Christmas theme.

My favorite painting from a very talented friend! Love that wagon! I wanted a Dick and Jane theme in the kiddo's bathroom. So by adding the wagon painting, photocopied pictures from a Dick and Jane book and bath towels that I made-I think it gives it a simple but fun look.

Some fun penguins and igloo on the windowsill.

A manger scene which I was later informed by Boy Wonder and Drama Queen that I had put the angel where Mary was supposed to be! I just think at the time the angel was checking on Baby Jesus while Mary took a nap! See Mary in the back with her eyes closed! Very believable!

Hope you are enjoying your Holidays so far! Merry Christmas! I think Mary had a good idea and Mrs. Smith might just be taking a nap today too!


  1. Incredibly beautiful! Of course you know I LOVE that red wagon painting. Thanks so much for sharing it!


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