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Friday, December 4, 2009

Shabby Parisian White Christmas Continued....

So it's getting a little nutty around The Smith Hotel (meaning I can't seem to stop decorating for Christmas). Here is a good example........I bought these tags(about 27 of them-it could keep me busy for awhile) at a thrift store a few weeks back for 49 cents. What to do with them....Well I had to get a squirt bottle because I read somewhere(can't remember) to take instant coffee and water and spray it on stuff to antique it. Outside 2 days ago-in the cold wind-you could find me in my slippers squirting these tags in the backyard. Oh I don't remember reading about how coffee not only stains paper but fingers, slippers, and concrete!!!! Mr. Smith asked today(2 days later) if I was going to clean up the stained concrete........I told him a little rain, a little heat, some pool water and the stain will disappear(in a couple of years). But I digress, so let's see tags, my book stand, a little burlap braid and a picture frame found at the thrift store today($3.99), some stamps found at Tuesday Morning($2.99) and TADA-my french, christmas, coffee smelling sign thingamabob!!! That is my Eiffel Tower lamp and shade that I scored in Portland last week! Dollar Tree silver tree on top of a thrift store urn. Instant Christmas decor for really cheap. That's how I roll folks!!!!

This morning after Mr. Smith and I dropped the kiddos off at school, we hit a couple of garage sales. What you say???? In December????? Hey, it was freezing but I did get 3 different size christmas trees (little ones-okay the biggest one is about 4 feet) for $1 each!!! Mr. Smith thought that I was giving one away to my grandma (yeah right and break up the trio)! Plus I picked up a Longerberger basket and brick for $2. Garland for $1. Oh and picking Drama Queen up from school, I had to stop off at the garage sale across the street from the school(so I was a little late) and got an apothecary jar for $5(it's pretty big too).

So the whole point of this story is...

1. You can garage sale shop in December.

2. Apparently I am still not done decorating for Christmas-need to find a place for those trees.

3. Don't tell your husband that you are keeping something until after you get home from the garage sale! Otherwise he might make you leave it there!


  1. I love that lamp! Good use of the tags. Take a picture of the garage sale trees. Which Longaberger basket did you get? What a deal!

  2. I got the muffin basket with the bread brick, no liner though. She was selling other baskets-not Longaberger for $5. She didn't know what she had!!! Once I figure out where to put those trees I will take a picture. The lamp was $9.99 and the shade was $2.99!!!

  3. I have so many frames AND tags. Never thought to use them together though....the wheels are a turnin' now...

  4. Jody, you always make me laugh...and inspire me...
    so yes, I did it, I'm now blogging too...very baby stage...


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