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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

True Confessions of a Cheap Shopaholic!

So I went shopping today..... I know, I know-everyone who knows me is soooo shocked about that! I had a $10 off coupon at JCPenney burning a whole on my desk-it's the coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase or more. Well of course I went with the plan of spending only $10-hey I figure free money!!! So as I look around-I spot this cute glitter tree (Mr. Smith might not be too happy). Original price $19.99.......on sale for 60% off so we are down to $7.99. Need to find something to take me to the $10 mark....... So I find this ornament (more glitter) for $5.99 on sale 60% off $2.40........

Do you feel the suspense in the air? After my coupon and tax of total (it's a bank breaker) came to 41 cents!!!!!!!!!!! My receipt stated that I saved $25.60!!!!! Yeah sometimes I think I am a ROCK STAR!!!!
Moral of this story is.....
1. My children know that's how I shop, on sale and with a coupon.
2. Basically the stores should just give me stuff for free.
3. If you want to shop with me, just be forewarned that I will always find the cheaper bargain and you will pay full price(those of you who have shopped with me will know who I am talking about).
4. I will get in trouble for this post because Mr. Smith has no clue what I did today and now I just posted it. STINK!!!


  1. You are a Rock Star! And will you become my Jedi Master?...I like to shop, but I never spend money because I just don't find what I want!

  2. Hey'd be proud of me!! I went to Kohl's yesterday and used a $10 off card to buy some Christmas gifts. I got 4 on sale items and spent $5.39 and the receipt said that I saved $32.90!!!!! :o) Made me soooo happy. ha!

  3. Awesome deal! You too Cassandra! I need to get out more. : ) I have been slackin' on the shoppin'.

  4. Bah Hum Bug!!!! She is a Tight Wad!! She won't even share her great bargains with her poor, poor Mother. (Weep,Weep,Weep!!!) After all I taught her. Oh, the injustice of it all!

    Oh, what can I say, she is a chip off the old block and I love her. You GO GIRL!!! Love MOM


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