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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coffee Filter Flowers

Ok~I am going to attempt a tutorial!  I hope I don't confuse anyone with all my "technical" terms.....

Step one.....Raid your pantry and find coffee filters....I had to look because hold your breath.....I don't drink coffee!  Give me a Dr. Pepper, tea (hot or cold) or water.  They were of course on the top shelf because
 a. Mr. Smith drinks coffee
b.His favorite coffee pot died.
c. Mr. Smith can reach the top shelf in the pantry.

Ok back to the coffee filter....Oh yes I had to climb the ladder....Mr. Smith came to help when he saw that I was on the ladder.....


Step two....Grab the center of the coffee filter and squish, smash together.

Step three....Get a big needle and poke it throught the squished part.

Step four....Shove needle and thread (think I forgot to mention threading the needle in step 3) through each  coffee filter until you have a string of smashed, squished filters (I used 10 for the large filters and 8 for the small ones).

Step five.....Shove that needle and thread through a couple of times and tie it off(you know with a knot).

Step six....Proceed to fluff, smoosh, puff out each coffee filter.

Step seven...Make more flowers.

Step eight....Heat up your glue gun and find a lump of twine.

Step nine....Glue the string of twine(cut to the desired length) to the back of the flowers. I glued the twine several places on the flower so they would lay right. I also varied the sizes to give a little variety.

Step ten....Hang wherever you like. I made these for my welcome sign on my salvaged door by my front door to greet my visitors for my Open House!  I couldn't get a full length shot because my entry way is pretty narrow!  You'll just have to pretend to see the whole door!

Now I used 2 sizes of coffee filters, one large and one small....I am sure they have a size but I am not going to climb the ladder again....You coffee drinking people should know what I am talking about...Those of you none coffee drinkers~Just work with me~large and small.  

For the smaller filters I smooshed and sewed together 8 filters.
For the larger ones I used 10 filters.

Why~I don't know~just sounded like good numbers.

I also just hot glued the twine to the top of the door!

There it is Folks...Go Forth and Be Crafty! 
I might just have to make more and decorate inside the house!
I am joining Cindy's Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday! 


  1. Very cute!!!! Gonna try it soon!! (So sad Mr. Smith's coffee pot died :o(

  2. These are fun - thanks for sharing a tutorial!


  3. I still haven't ventured into trying this because I have a hunch that mine would end up looking nothing like a flower! Yours are adorable tho:)

  4. I would never have dreamed they'd turn out so pretty!! Well done

    My show n tell is HERE. I do hope you can find time to stop by and visit me. I'd love your company.

    Have a super weekend.

  5. I'm sorry, but I'm not understanding the technical terms, "squish" and "smash"...I think maybe next time a video tutorial would be helpful...I'm sure Mr. Smith could stand on the ladder and get some great video footage...

  6. Those are great!!! They look like something that would cost a fortune in a cute little boutique!

  7. Very cute, those would be perfect for my daughter's birthday party!

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments!
    -Ann Marie

  8. What fun!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. If you are interested in seeing a photo of the old Smith Hotel from my county in Texas, please e-mail me at I am on my laptop at lunch but I'd love to show it to you, if you'd like to see it. It's on my other computer.

    Necel from the Old House in Texas

  9. Wow,This is so fabulous,
    Thanks for the tut.

  10. Thanks or stopping by, those flowers look amazing and your tutorial makes it look easy will have to try.

  11. Those are so cute and thank you for the tutorial!


  12. Very clever. I remember making flowers out of kleenex years and years ago -- have forgotten about it!

  13. Those look amazing, I love 'em!
    I don't drink coffee, so I've finally found a use for coffee filters, thank you! ;-)

    Have a great Saturday!

  14. Great make it look so easy! Thank you!

  15. Fun and creative idea to add a fresh touch to your home for spring, thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  16. OK, That's just easy & fun...I MUST MAKE THEM! Thanks so much for sharing friend.
    Happy Weekend...

  17. oh wow absolutely love these, i am so going to make some too. thanks for the tutorial and for visiting my blog too!
    alicia :0)

  18. Very cute!! Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial. Can't wait to make them for spring!


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