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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Momma's Got A Brand New Job!

Yesterday I officially moved into my space at the Oregon Street Antique Mall!  I am a dealer!!!!  This is a huge step for me (and my family)!  I haven't "worked" outside the home since I was pregnant with Boy Wonder who turned 11 years old  last October.  Mr. Smith is still looking for a job so I decided that I needed to step it up and try to sell my large collection of vintage finds! 
Loading up my wagon...
I arrived before Mr. Smith so I carried up the lighter items.  Boy that's going to be a workout hiking up and down stairs!
The tree and the screen are other dealers.....but the pole is mine!  Didn't get a good picture of my light that Mr. Smith hung from the pole~maybe next time!

Mr.Smith carried up the white screen and table.....had another appointment so left it like that.

Came back later with another table and my mom! 

The black line is the edge of my booth!
At least with 2 tables, I was able to unpack my first load of boxes....
Still need to get more display items to show off more goodies!  Not even close to how I want it to look but Mr. Smith is going to build me a cabinet out of old windows and maybe even shutters! Tables are temporary till I can get stuff built to fit the space!  Mr.Smith was even talking about building walls but we will have to see about that!
Going to make another trip tomorrow!  Bought some furniture today that Mr. Smith is going to refinish paint for me.  I would like to paint the desk and vanity (fabulously distressed mirrors) - white....Mr. Smith thinks they would look better stained... I told him that painted furniture is all the rage right now....Watch who wins this one!

The Open House and Boutique was great fun last weekend!  I made enough to rent my space for 3 months and get a business license!  Can't wait to see how the next 3 months will go!
 If you ever drive through Redding, California make a quick trip to the Oregon Street Antique Mall ~ I might be working!


  1. hey I have some old windows if you're interested...let me know...

  2. Thanks for stoppin by and good luck to you and your new venture. Looks great already!

    Take care,


  3. I'm so proud of will have sooooo much FUN and I'm sure you will make lots of CASH:) I wish you the best with your new SHOP!!!!!!


  4. Congratulations! I hope you sell out :)

  5. Why, oh why, do you have to live on the opposite side of the country?!?!
    I want the picnic basket and the projector and the other camera and all those hats and anything red and white that you have!
    I am sooo happy for you that you are making money (and helping your family) doing what you love!
    I have a whole closet full of stuff that I have been saving up so I can do some bulk listings for my eBay and etsy accts.
    I need to get to it, don't I?
    You have inspired me today!
    I like to laugh and your posts make me do that!
    So happy you stopped by my home, too!
    Blessings from my home (on the other side of the USA) to yours!

  6. Congrats on your new venture, I wish you many sales!!! I've done it before and had a blast, I only quit, because my day job kept getting in the way...(dern it anyhoo)! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  7. Wow what eye candy and will certainly draw customers in! Congrats and much success on your new business venture.



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