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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thrifty Finds and Spring Flowers

Ahh Spring is in the air....My flowers are blooming!
Always a pleasant surprise to walk outside and see something else blooming!

I love purple and pink flowers!

Mr. Smith trimmed our blue willow bushes and I thought I would bring some of the trimmings inside. FREE! 

My pickle jar that was from my folks-funny story-Mom wanted a jar of pickles when they moved into their new house (5 YEARS AGO) so Dad went to Costco and bought this jar FILLED with sliced  pickles.  It's just the 2 of them.....Needless to say the pickles have finally all been eaten or tossed! 

My metal "S" that I bought at a flea market for $5-I actually bought 2 of them-just because!

My other pickle jar that I bought at the thrift store for $1-again there were 2 so of course I bought both of them!

My thrift store purchase while we were in Portland, Oregon visiting my brother and his family.....$2-with an older price tag of $50-FIRM!  Ha, I guess someone didn't ever sell it so donated it to the thrift store!

This Sunday is our 18th Anniversary so.....we are heading to San Francisco for a few days!  Going to do hit some serious thrift stores!  Oh and eat some really yummy food too!

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  1. I love the S! I collect P's mysefl, and tend to snatch them up whenever I find them. I also love your flowers in bloom! I posted some of mine yesterday and have more scheduled for tomorrow,
    Great finds.

  2. Wow, that frame was originally fifty dollars. No wonder it never sold. Wish I was going to San Francisco with you. We went a long time ago and I have always wanted to go back. Beautiful city.

  3. I could never pay 50 dollars for a $2 sounds way better! I love old metal letters, too..that S is so neat!

    Hugs ~ Angie

    p.s. Happy Anniversary..wishing you a fun trip!

  4. Happy Anniversary. San Fran sounds like an awesome destination. You found some great thrifty items. I love the "S". I collect the letter "E"....they are all over my house. Love the pickle jar too.

  5. I love those large pickle jars!!! how exciting one dollar...I went to our goodwill this morning, yuk!!! and everything was really expensive!

  6. You definitely have an eye Jody! I see a pickle jar, you see possibilities...I need to get better at the thrifting...though you'll probably beat me to all the good finds! So fun to see what you find...can't wait for your Open House!

  7. Oh how I envy you in CA with beautiful flowers blooming. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.

    That pickle jar is pretty special!

  8. Oh I can't wait to see my tulips blooming!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Your thrifty finds are amazing! Such great deals! The S is so cool! Great find!


  9. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. I was at work, so couldn't blog until now. Love the fresh Spring flowers you have blooming. We are still waiting for the snow to melt in MN. It's quite a bleak time of year for us, so nice to see the pretty flowers in your post.

  10. I love that pickle jar! Thanks for the nice comment!

  11. PS: I am starting a Favorite Things Friday party on the 19th - come and join in if you are interested!

  12. I'm soooo happy to see you at my PARTY...luv the $5.00 metal letter and $1.00 pickle jar! Hope you have a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  13. You got some great things...especially the jars and the frame - wow! Linda

  14. Beautiful I love all your wonderful finds.



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