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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thrifty Finds!

Last week I had so much fun participating with Linda at Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays, that I decided to hunt around my house for more thrifty finds! Not much of a challenge~the real challenge was how to just pick a few items for this week!

This chalkboard was purchased a few years back at a garage sale for $15.  It's been so much fun playing with it!  It stands by my front door and I change it depending on the season or occasion.  Since I am having my Open House this Friday and Saturday~it will greet visitors!

The basket and letters underneath are all thrift store or flea market finds.  My other "S" is in there too. 

The enamelware pitcher was a garage sale finds years ago.  The apothecary jar was a recent garage sale find for $5.  It was across the street from Drama Queen's school and since they were having the sale on a Friday~I was a little late picking her up from school!  Opps!   I made the tag and added the eggs (TJMaxx).  The cooler is a recent thrift store find.  Can I just say that I love it!  It was one of those times when I bought it and had no idea where I would put it.  I even thought about selling it!  After Mr. Smith painted the kitchen I knew that it would be perfect on top of my kitchen cabinet.  Oh how much did I buy it for?  Glad you asked!  I tell you a little secret~if you don't already know.  I donated some items to the Salvation Army and they give you a receipt.  Well on the bottom of that receipt is a coupon for 10 % off.  So the cooler was $10 but with my coupon it only cost me $9!  Shhhh~Don't go tell everyone!
Boy Wonder wanted a globe so I found this one at a thrift store for $5.  Love the blue color on it.  I stole it!  From Boy Wonder that is!  It was perfect to go in my kitchen.  Sorry!  Not really!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Great finds. What a steal on the apothecary jar. I really love that pitcher.

  2. Great thrifty finds. I love that chalkboard and what a cute idea using by your front door with different messages on it. Great vintage water cooler.

  3. What great thrifty finds! I just love that chalk board!

    *Now following you!!!*

    Blessings, Grace

  4. I love your finds and I always pick up things that I have NO idea what I'll do with them until inspiration hits ~ I'm trying hard to stop doing that these days LOL! Thanks for sharing ~ I enjoyed visiting. Judi

  5. Also, cute stuff in your Etsy shop too!


  6. Love that chalkboard! Your blog looks like so much fun...can't wait to catch up!

  7. What great finds! I love the cooler especially. Since Turquoise is the color of the year for 2010, I started a Turquoise Tuesday Linky Party so if you have a solo photo of it (or anything else), you may want to link up! Thanks for your comment.

  8. I am so glad that you featured the blackboard. I saw one at my wholesale florist yesterday very similar.... $50. And I want my husband to make one to use at shows AND today here it is.... I am so bad at explaining this and now he has seen your picture and I don't have to try to describe it. And now you really know that you got a GOOD price. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  9. Wow, those are great thrifty finds!

  10. You found some great stuff, thanks for sharing.

  11. Jody,
    That chalk board is awesome!
    And $15 a really great price.
    Love the metal cream pitcher too.

    thanks for coming by my place.
    I'm excited to take a look around your blog.

    barbara jean

  12. You got some great deals there! Linda

  13. I love your chalkboard!! What a super neat idea using it at the front door- The color it is painted is just yummy too!

  14. WOW..LOVE your new looks outstanding! PLEASE can I have that awesome chalkboard? I'm so happy to see you at my NTT party!


  15. We have a globe too. :) I added a crystal where we live as an "X marks the spot" and a bunch of BB's inside it so it makes a cool rain sound when turned.



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