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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Items for the Open House!

Wow, Who knew that getting ready for an Open House would be so much work!   It probably doesn't help the fact that I keep making things so the house is a complete DISASTER! Oh if only I had my very own craft room where I could just close the door!  Nope~Gotta have everything in the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, office......It looks like Craft threw up in my house! LOL

So here are a few more items that I have been busy making! 


Oh and it probably doesn't help that I had Mr. Smith move Drama Queen's twin bed out into the living room to display my linens!  What did she sleep on?  Well we moved our recliner into her room!  She was actually very excited about it and fell right to sleep last night!  What a good sport! 

An Easter tea towel...

Just to softest blue background on this print....Can't go wrong with a basket of strawberries!

My maiden name was Scott so anything that has Scottie Dogs makes me smile!  Plus I know my mom just may have to get this one for herself!!!

This print just cracks me up!  Can you imagine swimming in that?  I guess this is the original idea of the Miracle Suit~drop 10 pounds wearing that corset!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mr. Smith is still pounding the pavement diligently looking for a new job~until then he is being a great help around the house!
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  1. Your Mom may just need to buy the swimsuit tea towel,too! I own a couple of old wool swim outfits...extra itchy!!!! Things are looking great Jody. Keep on creating! Love, Mom


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