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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updating my Etsy Shop

Drama Queen was kind enough to be my model today....

Note to self.....Must comb that girl's hair more often!

Isn't she nice to help her mother?

Mini flower pin......

So one last shot....I PROMISE!!!  I just need to take one more picture of a flower.......

By this time we have been in and out and and out...into the cold day......
Just one MORE PLEASE!!!!

Great!  Wait....what's that behind your head???  Oh NICE, It's Snow going POTTY!  See that little white spot behind Drama Queen's head?  Yep, I guess we were invading her PRIVACY!!!

So goes another day of taking pictures for my Etsy Shop!

P.S. Good thing I know how to crop this picture!!! No dog was seen going POTTY on my Etsy Shop....You know a girl needs some PRIVACY!!!

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